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CPC Dublin – May 2024

Boost your career as a professional padel coach

Train as a certified padel instructor or coach with the learning methodology developed by the best professionals in the sector.


Our training will provide you with the necessary knowledge to become a padel coach with the methodologies of the best padel professionals.


For more information visit https://www.padelmba.com/en/cp-calls/cpc-dublin-may-2024/

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State of the Art facilities

At O’Hanlon Park Padel Centre, we’re proud to offer the largest and most state-of-the-art indoor Padel courts in Ireland. With 5 indoor courts and a convenient pay-as-you-go system, we’re dedicated to providing the best Padel experience for players of all levels.


  • Dimensions: 200m² (10x20m)
  • A net divides the court into two sides
  • Windows and steel fences surround the court
  • The back of the court and the beginning of the sides are made of window glass surmounted by a steel fence (height: 4m)
  • The rest of the sides are exclusively made of a steel fence (height: 3m)
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The Rules


All play in the sport of Padel is doubles format.


In the sport of Padel, the same scoring system is used as in the sport of tennis.


With regard to service, the following rules apply:

  • In Padel, all play begins with an underhand serve from the right service court into the opponent’s court diagonally across similar to tennis.
  • The server must allow the ball to bounce once before hitting it and the ball must be hit below waist level.
  • The serve must land in the opponent’s service box. If the ball bounces in the service box and strikes the side or back wall, it is a valid serve and must be played by the opposing player. If the ball lands in the service box and hits the wire fencing, it is considered a fault.
  • The server must keep at least one foot on the ground when hitting the serve. The server’s feet may not touch or cross the service line while serving.
  • In Padel, similar to tennis, the server has two opportunities to complete the serve.

Fair Play

The following are considered fair play situations in the sport of Padel:

  • The court lines are considered in play only during the initial serve. Otherwise, they are not a factor in determining the outcome of each point in the game between opposing players.
  • All players are permitted to play a ball off any of the walls on their own side of the court.

Loss of Point

The opposition wins a point when any of the following events occur:

  • The ball bounces twice in any area on your side of the court.
  • The ball strikes you or your teammate while in play.
  • The ball hits the wire fencing, posts or any other fixture before going over the net or landing on the opponent’s court.

Out of Bounds

The ball is considered out of bounds and a point is given to the opposing players if the ball hits the wire fence or walls before bouncing on the opponent’s side of the court.

Overhand Strokes

The ball can be taken out of the air by any player except on the initial serve and the return of serve.
See extended version of rules – download file here: GAMEREGULATIONSFIP

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A Padel racquet is solid with no strings but must be perforated. It is smaller and more compact than a tennis racquet which makes it very easy to handle for everyone.

Weight: between 340g et 370g, slightly heavier than a tennis racquet.
Maximum dimensions: the racquet cannot be more than 45,5cm long, 26cm wide and 38mm thick.


Material: the padel racquet is usually covered by plastic or carbon depending on the quality level. The inside of the racquet is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate which looks like a foam

Please note if you do not have your own racket one can be rented via the extra section on our Playtomic page or App

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Customer 1

I love playing Padel at PadelZone Celbridge. The courts are fantastic, and booking is so easy!”

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“This is the place to be for Padel enthusiasts. The biggest and the best!

Customer 3

Padel does not focus on strength, but rather tactics, it’s a great sport for all ages and abilities. I play twice a week at O’Hanlon Park

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